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Valedictorian graduate of Richard Stockton State College, eLisabetta DiMauro was awarded a full tuition, four-year academic scholarship; she maintained a straight 4.00 G.P.A. and achieved a Pre-Medical degree with highest honors, prior to her education in the Arts.

After completion of her Pre-Medical degree, she received yet another full tuition scholarship to complete a degree in the Fine Arts, with a concentration in Painting, which had previously been her minor, in her undergraduate years. Upon receiving her second degree, (also with highest honors), from Stockton State College, she was awarded still another merit based academic scholarship to further enhance her professional abilities at the prestigious Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, in Philadelphia. Hence, her diversified talents have been recognized by writers of The Atlantic City Press, The Daily Journal, Argo, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The City Paper, The Philadelphia Daily News, as well as The New York Times. She has also been a guest of TV News Stations, NBC, FOX, and ABC, for her variety of talents.

Elisabetta’s artwork has been featured in numerous Universities and galleries throughout the country and overseas. Her works have been displayed in the Noyes Museum, the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts American Art Museum, and the PAC Museum of Chicago. In addition, eLisabetta’s artwork can be found in various regions of Italy, France, Germany, Japan, Hong Kong, India, Spain, and Turkey.

Elisabetta, was born in New Jersey, of parents who had immigrated to the United States from Italy. Her closeness to her family and their strivings had nurtured a sense of courage in her. At a young age, she already loved to experience new things, and make creations, and started to paint at her mother’s guidance, as early as the age of 2!

With the study of Anatomy and Physiology, as the old masters, Michelangelo and Leonardo D’Avinci also studied, Elisabetta perfected her studies with the knowledge of the human body first, --from the cellular level, to the quality of light on skin, eLisabetta studied Medicine and photography and design and anatomical drawing as well as painting in all mediums. Although she is predominantly a painter of the figure and of the portrait in landscapes, she also is a prominent sculptor. Elisabetta worked on such enormous projects as the ten-foot bronze of the Former Mayor of Philadelphia, Frank Rizzo, with the contemporary Greek sculptor, Frudakis, and installed this piece on the 1st day of the New Year, 1999. She has painted many interior wall-murals for prestigious whereabouts in various locations on the East and West Coasts of the States, amongst which, the Merion Cricket Club, in Merion, Pennsylvania, and the RESET Wellness Spa in Rittenhouse Square, several mansions in San Juan Capistrano, California, to name a few. She has also worked for Sandals Resorts, in the Islands of the Caribbean!

Elisabetta resides in the Art Museum district of Philadelphia, and enjoys her life as an artist very much. She is a warm person who gracefully enjoys her project planning and murals and the sharing of her talents with her clients and collectors as well as her contemporaries. Her art is for enjoyment and expression, and about bringing to life her dreams and the dreams of others. Many of her works are about philosophical symbols, and situational circumstances of the human condition. "You are a piece of history— and not an independent function! There are no islands; we are under the illusion of being separate— when we are of the same Oneness!" She believes that there is a piece of the Higher Power in each of us, which is waiting to be explored! It is her great belief, which makes her career so successful! Every commission, every client, every aspect of life is treated with such care, that recognition of this artist as a success in her field is internationally recognized. Her secret ingredients are “hard work, a clear perspective, a vision that all of life is an experience and an opportunity to be enjoyed, being constantly grateful, taking risks, and sharing love, giving what you have to offer and holding fast to that person that you were most designed to be”!

Responding to the needs of her environment, eLisabetta believes that there has always been the need for “an ever-increasing beauty! It is beauty, which enables us to carry on, no matter what the circumstances may be…"