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Welcome to the artistic world of eLlisabetta DiMauro -- where your creative ideas and dreams come true!

Located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, we offer you a wide variety of artistic services; with expertise in all mediums including painting, sculpture, interiors, and photography. We can work at your location, whether in the Tri-State area, or at your favorite destination across the country.

Our artists are ready to plan your next project. Whether it is a mural, painting, portrait, faux finish, children's play/theme room, or photography for your special event...We cater to YOUR every need.

  • Mural commissions: Any size possible, directly on the walls or on canvas to be installed as a “wallpaper”.
  • Painting commissions: On wood, canvas, other media, also available—faux-stained glass!!)
  • Drawing commissions: Excellent for gifts! From photos sent by clients, or if photos are needed we schedule a photo session. Finished portrait can be matted and framed.   Perfect gift for weddings, bat and barmitzvahs, birthdays, Christmas gifts, anniversaries or family portraits.
  • Faux-finishes:  Improves property values and appearance of any room. Priced per square foot.  I can do a consultation first and preliminary sample.

Please call us @ (215) 235-0703 or email: info@elisabettadimauro.com to obtain more information and setup a custom consultation.